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Image Creation & Training

Because it is our core business

Windows Embedded & IoT Images creation

If you are planning to launch a product based on Windows Embedded, our image creation services is the fastest and most efficient route to market.

Our mission starts with the discovery of your hardware platform and its standard windows image. From there, we create your Windows Embedded image with the specific security and ruggedized features which will make your product even more stable and robust.

Our deliverables include the image itself, the documentation, the ICE (Image configuration editor) configuration files as well as the tests results. These will give you all the information and expertise you need to maintain the image over time.

The typical image creation steps are:

  • Setting up the development environment including the target hardware platform and the software (drivers, specific applications etc…)
  • Bios configuration
  • Boot media creation and configuration
  • Windows pre-installation environnement (Windows PE) setup
  • Image Builder Wizard (IBW) process execution
  • Equipment configuration
  • Integration of the components needed for the hardware support
  • Run ICE in order to configure the embedded related features (write filters etc…)
  • Use ICE to configure the OS parameters (language, updates etc…)
  • Generate the image Master with Sysprep
  • Image capture in .WIM file format with ImageX or DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management)
  • Master image test
  • Documentation and hardware delivery with the final image for approval by the customer


If you wish to acquire the technical expertise for creating your own Windows Embedded images, our 2 or 4 days training sessions have been designed to cover all stages of the Windows Embedded image creation.

Our Windows Embedded training program gives hardware manufacturers and integrators the means to improve the development cycles of their products. By giving your technical team an intensive applied training and a concrete experience sharing, you will be able to better create, optimize and maintain your Windows Embedded images.

The principle of this training program is to be focused on your product and its environment. This is why the various examples and applications covered during the training can be done on the target platform of your choice.

At the end of this training, the participants will have acquired a good understanding and the knowledge to implement the following themes:

  • Understand Windows Embedded: the common architecture and the different versions
  • Install and use the Windows Embedded tools
  • Create an image using IBW (Image Builder Wizard) and ICE (Image Configuration Editor)
  • Use the Embedded Lockdown features
  • Deploy and maintain a Windows Embedded image
  • Customize and image in an OEM scenario