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proVconnect Basic – your proVconnect’s free version

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We are glad to announce the availability of proVconnect Basic, your proVconnect’s free version. We designed it for you to get a first feel of proVconnect without commitment and investment.

proVconnect Basic is free but you will get far more than some are used to get even when they pay for managing their end points. For us it is simple, if you like proVconnect Basic, you will love the more complete versions.

Using proVconnect Basic, you will be enjoying the following features :
- Powerful inventory of your estate
- Group & filtering devices
- Remote control & messaging
- Single device management
- Security & health compliance
- Reporting

Migrating from Basic to another version is just an activation key away - if and when you decide.

As of now, proVconnect is available either on premise for free or on On-Demand for just the hosting costs.

Find out more on proVconnect Basic

Laurent @wanpulse