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Powerful Inventory

Thousands of hardware, software and system inventories collected in a few minutes and always accessible.

As soon as the device is enrolled, the proVconnect agent collects and sends the entire inventory of the device to the central console. Because it is stored in your proVconnect server, the hardware, software and system inventory is always available to the IT administrator. And because of the optimized proVconnect communication, any change in the inventory is automatically updated on the server. This guaranties accuracy in the information stored and allows 24 hours availability even when the device is offline.

  • All your assets' inventory available and accurate 24/7.
  • Any inventory information can be displayed in the main vues.

Group & filtering devices

Very powerful and fully customizable grouping and filtering system to display devices based on data you care about.

With proVconnect you can fully customize the way you group your devices and only display the information you need. You can create dynamic groups that automatically display devices based on the hardware, software or system variable you set. If you wish to group the devices based on a script result you can also do that. The powerful filtering feature will show only the devices that are relevant to you. Of course you can save the and share the views you create with other proVconnect administrators.

  • Personalized and comprehensive views you can share with others.
  • Instant dynamic grouping and filtering based on any inventory criteria even when the devices are offline.

Remote Control & Messaging

Take control of the remote session, schedule and send messages on multiple end points.

Taking control of any device with proVconnect is as simple as a right click. No need for the user to be in front of the device and autorize the remote session. you can also create messages and deploy them on thousands of end points within seconds. The messaging tool also alows you to interact with the user and ask autorisation before initiating maintenance tasks.

  • Immediate access to any desktop in seconds through a secure connection.
  • Easy interaction with the users through messaging.

Single Control Management

Manage your devices one-by-one. Deploy, configure, update your devices and manage write filters on embedded devices.

The single management feature allows you to manage your end-point just like if you were in front of it without disturbing the user. You can do anything on the target device including installing an application, pushing a file or a script or even create a partition. Much more powerful than teamviewer or other one-to-one tools, this feature is part of the free proVconnect Basic version.

  • Complete device management feature.
  • Non intrusive for the user (it is not a screen sharing).

Comprehensive Management

Manage thousands of devices simultaniously. Deploy, update, configure and schedule jobs, manage write filters on embedded devices.

Using proVconnect is similar to having one administrator in front of each device in your organisation. You can program and run any task you want on thousands of devices in a few minutes at the date and time you specify. Tasks include (but are not limited to) install applications, push or retreive files, create partitions, push software updates, join to a domain etc... you can also use the proVconnect package builder to create and deploy complex packages on the target devices.

  • Massive time saving in device configuration.
  • Remove need for local administrators.

Automatic Configuration & Staging

Automatically configure devices at deployment site.

The automatic policies feature allows you to automatically configure your devices based on specific criterias you set. This will not only save you hours of configuration time but will also guaranty the compliance of your devices. Based on simple conditional rules (if, then) the automatic policies of the proVconnect server will decide what to do when those conditions are met. Because these rules are defined once for all the devices you specify, you will always be sure to have your devices configured properly and compliant to your requirements.

  • Guaranties compliance.
  • Saves configuration time and avoid mistakes.

Monitoring & Preventive Maintenance

Monitor critical incidents, get alerts and schedule automatic curing tasks on your end points.

The monitoring feature allows you to set some surveillance rules that the proVconnect agent must check for you at the rate you define. Whatever it is a hardware, system or software problem, you can set the agent to virtualy check anything on the end point. You can not only receive an email when something goes wrong on the end point, but you can also define the corrective task you want the agent to run when the it detects a problem. This preventive maintenance feature guaranties the integrity of the end point, reduces downtime and saves great amount of time and money in maintenance operations.

  • Reduces down time.
  • Reduces incoming support calls by 30 to 40%.
  • Improves problems diagnostic.
  • Reduces maintenance team utilization.

Security & Health Compliance

Measure the level of security and physical health of your devices and be notified when it diverts from your requirements.

proVconnect automatically checks critical information about your end points. Data such as firewall or antivirus status, disk usage or processor utilisation is automatically displayed on the main console making it simple for the administrator to spot a problem or a disfunction.

  • Anticipate problems.
  • Avoid user's frustration.
  • Lower downtime and improve QoS.


Create reports, export files or visualize them as webservices. Export your device listings as you need.

You can extract any inventory data and export it in the format that is convenient to you. You can also use webservices to visualize these live data. Exports forms and webservices templates can be created and saved to quickly generate reports.

  • Save time collecting and formating your data.
  • Get always updated reports and generate them within seconds.

Plugin Extensions

Expand proVconnect features to meet your needs by using specifically designed plugins.

You can use plugins to add vertical features without altering the base proVconnect software. Plugins can help you monitor hardware specific features such as accelerometer values, humidity sensors, fan speed, battery levels etc... Plugins are especially usefull in the retail or IoT markets.

  • You keep using the standard proVconnect base with a guaranty of continuity in development and features improvement but at the same time cover your specific needs with a specific plugin.

Inventory and manage On-Demand your devices

Open your proVconnect Basic account now for 6,60€ per year !

Support & Maintenance

Because we want you to excel and to make full use of the power of proVconnect, our team is here to support and train you.

We offer

  • Software Upgrades
  • Online Training
  • Technical Support
  • Remote Assistance

Although proVconnect is the most simple software to install and operate, it can be a very powerful tool that can manage, monitor and maintain tens of thousands of devices.

The complexity of tasks proVconnect can operate is proportional to the degree of knowledge of the operator. We therefore want to make sure you are using its full power by training you and supporting you in your implementation. proVconnect will help you save money and resources in managing your endpoints. Our support team will help you optimize the efficiency by training your IT teams and helping design efficient monitoring tasks.

Check out our Support Plans →

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Supported devices Thin Clients, Laptops, PCs and Tablets Thin Clients, Laptops, PCs and Tablets POS, Thin Clients, Laptops, PCs and Tablets Kiosks & other embedded devices
Device Discovery & Enrolment
Hardware & Software Inventory
Group & Filtering Devices
VDI Connections Management
Write Filters Management
Remote Control & Messaging
Single Device Control
Multiple Devices Control
Tasks Scheduler
User Rights Management
Health & Security Status
Monitoring & Preventive Maintenance
Automatic Policies
proVlocker plugin Optional Optional
Beetle Info plugin Optional
Number of Devices Up to 1,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
License Cost On Premises Free On request On request On request
License Cost On-Demand per device On request On request On request On request
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