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Configure your devices in a familiar, secure and robust windows environment !


proVlocker is a plugin to proVconnect that allows you to remotely lock a user's Windows environment. By controlling and configuring access to the system, proVlocker secures your device and prevents inappropriate modifications made by any user to the system.

Simplify your user environments

90% of windows menus and features are of no use to common users. Select only those required by your users and simplify user access to applications and virtual desktops.

Make your PC reliable and secure

Increase the stability and the security of your systems by restricting access to resources or functions that might be generating malfunctions/support calls.

Get all the benefits of thin client computing on your pc

Transform your PCs and laptops into Thin Clients, extend their life span and improve your TCO.

No more compatibility problems

proVlocker is based on the standard Windows user environment, so it remains compatible with all your existing tools and applications.

Standardized devices to help you focus on the essentials

Your servers are at the heart of the services you offer your users. proVlocker allows you to cut or reallocate costly resources required to maintain PCs, and focus on more important tasks.

Integration with proVconnect

proVconnect is the ideal monitoring and preventive maintenance solution for all your PCs, laptops and thin clients, because it allows you to inventory, manage, deploy, monitor and even prevent failure on your devices.

As simple as pressing a button

You will need not more than 3 steps to apply your policy consistently on all your targeted users.

Define Restrictions

Set desired rights and restrictions for the windows session.


Select Users

Choose users or groups amongst local accounts or AD accounts.



Deploy your security policy instantly on your devices.

See where our customers use proVlocker

Security and Compliance is a must on every devices. Below are typical examples where proVlocker demonstrates high benefits for our customers.

VDI Devices

That access Citrix, Vmware, Microsoft RDS, Systancia Applidis and any other Virtual desktop environments.

Dedicated Devices

That access a corporate application locally or through the web.

Open Access Devices

That access Citrix, Vmware, Microsoft RDS, Systancia Applidis and any other Virtual desktop environments such as kiosks or PCs accessible to the public.

Features List


Restrictions Policies

  • Create, Modify and Deploy Restrictions Policies
  • Assign Policies to :
    • Physical Devices
    • Users or User Groups of local SAM
    • Users or User Groups of the Active Directory

Control the Windows User Environment

  • Configure the Start Menu
  • Configure the Desktop and Task Bar
  • Create shortcuts/launchers for VDI Connections or Custom Application (Auto connect, Auto restart, Failover)
  • Take Advantage of a wide range of VDI Protocols including Citrix Receiver, VMware VIEW, Microsoft RDP

Internet Explorer control

  • Configure which keys are available to users
  • Set Internet Explorer options
  • Filter URLs using :
    • White List (Authorized sites)
    • Black List (Blocked sites)

Device Security

  • Limit access to Control Panel
  • Hide/Lock access to local or USB disks
  • Control which Printers get added
  • Prevent changes in Windows Update settings
  • Block access to Command Prompt, Regedit and Msiexec
  • Define unwanted .EXE applications
  • Configure the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen