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of your desktops

WanPulse's proVconnect

Management, Monitoring, Remediation and
Compliance of your specialized devices


Delivers a secure and robust User Environnement
on your Desktops and Laptops

Specialized devices

See how proVconnect is the right management platform
for Point-Of-Sales, Kiosks, Digital Signage & more

Computing Devices

Thin Clients, Laptops, PCs and Tablets


Traditional and Mobile Point-Of-Sales systems


Self-Service systems and Digital Signage

IoT & Embedded devices

Specialized devices including payment, gaming, medical, factory automation systems

Features you will love

proVconnect is an "off the shelf" software providing management, monitoring, compliance check and much more

Powerful inventory

Thousands of hardware, software and system inventories collected in a few minutes and always accessible.

Group and filtering devices

Fully customizable grouping and filtering system to display devices based on data you care about.

Comprehensive management

Manage thousands of devices simultaneously. Deploy, update, configure and schedule jobs, manage write filters.

Automatic configuration & staging

Automatically configure devices on site. Guaranties compliance, saves configuration time and avoid mistakes.

Monitoring and preventive maintenance

Monitor critical incidents, get alerts and schedule automatic curing tasks on your end points.

Remote Control and messaging

Take control of the remote session, schedule and send messages on multiple end points.


Create reports, export files or visualize them as webservices. Export your device listings as you need.

Security and Health Compliance

Measure the level of security and physical health of your devices and be notified when it diverts from your requirements.

Plugin extensions

Expand proVconnect features to your needs by using specifically designed plugins.

Is the time you need to train on proVconnect
Is the time you need to install proVconnect on your server
Is the time you need to program a complex monitoring or deployment task
Is the time you need to deploy a task on 1500 devices

Why proVConnect

Things that make us different

More than just
Remote Control

No need to jump from one device to the other: you can now see all your estate in the blink of an eye. Organize your devices in groups and display insights that are important to you and your business. Schedule your jobs to hundreds of devices in Out-Of-Office hours so that they are always available.

From Reactive to
Proactive management

Wouldn't it be great to anticipate issues and to automatically perform actions based on events? proVconnect enables to monitor device events so that you can be alerted on time when something runs out of your expectations. Remediation tasks can be automatically executed so that you don't even have to manually take action.

Your Specialized devices

Specialized devices are critical to your business. They have various form factors, they are often spread out in lot of locations, outside your corporate environment. proVconnect is designed to meet these challenges by providing a great management and monitoring solution all over the lifecycle of your devices.

Native Support for
Write Filters

Write Filters enable to build secure and stable devices. But when it comes to manage devices with general purpose management software, Write Filters are an obstacle as they prevent from applying updates. proVconnect automatically disables Write Filters before applying updates and enables them again after update - leaving your device always protected.

Simplify your end point

proVconnect is the most simple device management and monitoring system on the market today. You will be able to manage all your assets in a few hours without the need for complex training. The power of proVconnect will reflect the power of the administrator.

Needs can be unique
We are Open

proVconnect is so easy and so modular that you can monitor virtually anything: system, applications or hardware. With the plug-in principle, we can expend the features of proVconnect to collect and to monitor specific data you care about. Ask us and we will create YOUR plugins.

Inventory and manage On-Demand your devices

Open your proVconnect Basic account now for 6,60€ per year !


Check out some of our Client Reviews
  • Customer Testimonails

    proVconnect has allowed us to reduce our support call load by 30% on managing our POS ! the return on investment has been done in a few month.

    Retail France
  • Customer Testimonails

    With the monitoring feature of proVconnect we have been able to trace stolen laptops and automaticaly erase important data as soon as the theft was declared.

    Hospitals Netherlands
  • Customer Testimonails

    proVlocker has made it possible to remotely lock down thousands of laptops in a few minutes and without AD !! Users are no longer able to mess around with their devices.

    Public administration Belgium
  • Customer Testimonails

    We are receiving an email as soon as someone drops a tablet anywhere in the world. Our support team is so much more efficient !

    Petrol industry USA
  • Customer Testimonails

    PCI compliance is now garantied by proVconnect. We can immediately spot which device is not secure or compliant right from the main console.

    Retail USA
  • Customer Testimonails

    Our POS devices no longer transit to our main office for imaging. The POS is automatically staged when it is installed in the shop! We are saving that much in transport and handling costs and we are avoiding configuration mistakes.

    Retail France