The current crisis and containment linked to the covid epidemic19 have affected a large number of companies, which have been forced to set up homeworking for their employees without sometimes being prepared for it.

It is important to make an initial assessment of this health crisis which all businesses are facing today. Indeed, the confinement linked to Covid19 has demonstrated the importance of home office and remote access to corporate applications so that everyone can work in the best conditions.

Before this crisis, in some countries, 28% of employees had already adopted home office on a regular or ad hoc basis. Since the begining of the confinement, the number rose to more than 40%. This “new” way of working is likely to become widespread in the months to come, whether on an ad hoc or regular basis. However, such an organizational change must comply with strict rules, particularly with regard to IT security.

In this context, companies must demonstrate flexibility and reactivity to ensure the continuity of their IT services. The challenge for the IT department is therefore not to alter the level of security of the company’s information systems by including external devices used by home office employees.

The VPN implementation, essential for remote connections, is not easy to implement and can lead to an increase in incidents (connection, network problems etc …). Using a computer remotely can also create security vulnerabilities (unpatched OS, out-of-date antivirus, etc.) which can prove dangerous for the security of the infrastructure. The introduction of these new usages must be a strength, not a weakness

ProVconnect allows administrators to maintain and control the company’s IT assets, regardless of where employees work. It has allowed our customers to deploy their security tools (antivirus, VPN, etc.), and their software and business applications efficiently, quickly and silently on remote devices (whether or not they are attached to the domain). With proVconnect, the administrator has the possibility to follow the evolution of the compliance of his endpoints and to be alerted by any incident which could affect the security. Finally, ProVconnect includes a secure remote connection feature which allows IT departments to quickly help all teams.

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