ProVconnect agent can run on any Windows operating system from Windows XP to latest Windows 10. It can also run on debian-based Linux platforms such as Ubuntu. Other operating systems will be supported soon including Android.

Sure. proVconnect is able to manage the Microsoft Write Filters. You can therefore use proVconnect to control your Windows Embedded devices.

Yes, proVconnect can be used on any form factor. What we observe from our customers is that they make the most benefits of using proVconnect on their specialized devices such as PCs, Thin Clients, Laptops and Tablets, Point-Of-Sales or Kiosks and Self-Service Systems.

ProVconnect server is available either for installation in your own premises or on-Demand in our datacenter. You can opt for the best scenario for your business.

ProVconnect agent has a small footprint, about 3MB on the end point hard disk. It only uses an average of 20 MB Ram while consuming low CPU ressources.

ProVconnect agent is designed to reduce the bandwidth consumption. An average heartbeat from the agent to the server is typically no more than 1 kB. proVconnect has also got a specific bandwidth optimization system that will drastically reduce traffic when there are many end points to manage on the remote site.

ProVconnect server is able to support the load of a large number of devices. We have existing installation at customer’s places over 7,000 devices but the software is able to handle safely 20,000+ devices.

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