We are delighted to announce the release of the new proVconnect version 2.28. This update includes a number of new features that are described below

Remote File Explorer

This new feature will help all IT administrators navigate the remote Windows files and folders just like if they were in front of the device and without troubling the user of the device. No need to launch a remote connection to the end point anymore to be able to explore it.

Easily explore files and folders on remote devices

With a simple right click on the selected device you will be able to navigate within folders and upload or download files while the user can continue to work without interuption.

Custom Fields

This will allow IT administrators to create any number of custom fields that can be associated to devices. It is a great way to add specific information such as the end of warranty date, the purchasing date, upload the copy of the purchase invoice etc…

You can create different types of fields: Date, texte, numerical, true/false or file

Opening of an API

This API allows to automatically create and populate the custom fields.

For example, it is possible for a local executable to collect specific information on the device or a peripheral (software or driver version, peripherial serial number etc..) and automatically feed the data into custom fields so you can see the data next to the device.

The documentation for this API is available on demand

Tags in the enrolment view

This feature allows the administrator to easily identify any new device before the enrolment process

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