We are pleased to announce the release of the new version 2.29 of proVconnect. This update includes a number of new features that are described below

Automatic Agent Updates

Agent updates are now fully automated. This feature includes automatic bandwidth control so as not to disrupt the network during mass updates. The operation also includes an automatic management of update errors.

Automatic generation of a preconfigured agent

It is now possible to automatically generate an agent from the console. This agent can then be deployed on the endpoints without the need for further configuration, thus allowing a silent installation.

It is also possible to add specific custom information from inventory tags to easily identify the endpoints when they are enrolled.

Categories Removal

In order to better find the commands to select in the “command list” tab, the categories have been removed. It is now possible to search for the required command by typing a keyword in the search field. The different options will be proposed. It is also possible to select the desired operating system.

Distributed Download

It is now possible to optimize file remote deployment by allowing one agent to receive a file from another agent. For this, it is necessary to open a listening port during the deployment time. This feature will optimize bandwidth usage and deployment time especially in the case of limited bandwidth.

Compliance on Custom Fields

This feature makes it possible to create compliance rules on custom fields. This further increases the scope of compliance rules. This makes it for example possible to create compliance rules on end of warranty dates, a purchase date or a type of hardware.

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