Hardware, Software and System Inventory

The proVconnect agent automatically collects and stores all inventory data into its database. Whether the endpoint is online or not, you can check any inventory data at anytime. Any modification to the inventory is automatically updated in the database at the frequency you set. You can also create your own script to collect any specific data you require.


  • Accurate inventory available 24/7
  • Hardware (motherboard, bios, memory ….), software (apps installed …) or system (OS or security information, RAM or proc usage etc..)
  • Customizable tags (powershell scripts, WMI etc..) to collect specific data


  • Extract list of devices on which the business software is not at the correct version
  • View the list of endpoints that have been offline for more than 8 days
  • Extract the list of devices that use Office 2016 for auditing purpose
  • List devices that are still in Win7 for a win10 migration