Our team has taken into account the customer feedbacks and suggestions and made proVconnect more secure, more efficient and much less resource intensive. These modifications have resulted in major improvements.


More security with the hardening

Following a security audit made by an independent organization, we have made drastic changes in the software and we have applied all the ANSSI recommendations.

Some of the modifications are :

  • Security: Loading cookies in HTTPS
  • Security: securing passwords following the ANSSI recommendations
  • Security: Block the multiple requests executions depending on the user’s rights
  • Security: Client/server communication fully in HTTPS
  • CSP request header for all requests initiated by the manager

More efficiency and reactivity with the “Pulse on Demand – PoD”

The pulse delay is directly defined by the number of devices enrolled in the proVconnect server. So customers with thousands of devices were prejudiced by a long pulse delay and therefore the execution of the tasks could be long (up to 18 min for a 7500 units environment). This limitation is now over with the PoD. The PoD allows a task to be executed immediately without having to wait for the next pulse. With the PoD, you can now decrease the pulse frequency and set it to a much longer delay. This will drastically reduce the load on the server and on the network. The PoD offers also a much more accurate view of the devices status (30 second refresh) and a much better management of the VNC sessions.


More flexibility with the “no reboot”

We have re-designed the agent update process by applying a no reboot feature. This feature makes possible to upgrade the proVconnect agents without requesting the reboot of the device and can therefore be executed at any time silently without troubling the users.


Bug corrections

We have corrected a few bugs on:

  • The VNC
  • Some translations
  • Removing enrolled devices

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