A new and absolutely indispensable function- Available Now!

Compliance Control will help you check compliance on whatever requirements you have pre-set (on your hardware, software or systems). Complete uniformity throughout your IT infrastructure will thus give you greater control over your tools and save you precious time and money.

Compliance Control has been designed to reinforce inventory funtions. You as IT Administrator can now take full advantage of all information on your systems, regardless of the size and/or diversity of your IT infrastructure.


From a Software Perspective

You can now keep or remove specific applications and keep up with current versions of software critical to your IT infrastructure.

Ex : You can track the migration of your infrastructure towards a new version of a given software and detect machines that are not complying with the migration.


From a Hardware Perspective

Software upgrades can force companies to purchase new hardware. With proVconnect you can check compliance/conformity of your hardware in seconds.

Ex : Installing a new application can require specific hardware upgrades (RAM, disk space, etc…). You can now get an instant preview of how many workstations are not compatible with the new application and which workstations you will either have to upgrade or replace.

Check this new feature of proVconnect now!

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