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Devices authentification parameters

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With the provconnect server, your devices will authenticate according to their SID and macaddresses.

According to the customer environnment, somebody can choose having a more flexible authentication system, or a strict one.

To address everybody’s need, the provconnect server has parameters to configure its authentication system.


ProVconnect configuration in iis

  • ResolveConflictsWithHostname  => If True, auto-resolve conflict when the device SID has changed for the device,if the closest matching device has the same hostname than the conflicting device.  
  • EnforceGeneralize => If true, generate a conflict that must be solved by an administrator when the device SID has changed for the device.

ProVconnect configuration in database

  • Allow_one_mac_diff => (False per default) If True, auto-resolve conflict when only one mac address is different between the closest matching devices and the conflicting device. This is useful for companies that allows external plug and play network peripherals.

To change this value in your database, run the following command in your database manager :

update [wp_manager].[dbo].[wp_config] set Value=’false’ where Id =’allow_one_mac_diff’; 

Please note that  wp_manager is the default database name, but on your installation, you might have another name for the database.